Result: 38 theses.

Chimeric Biocatalyst Combining Peptidic and Nucleic Acid Components Overcomes the Performance and Limitations of the Native Horseradish Peroxidase

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Quadruplexes Are Everywhere…On the Other Strand Too: The i-Motif

Jean-Louis Mergny, Mingpan Cheng & Jun Zhou

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A Double Hemin Bonded G-Quadruplex Embedded in Metal-Organic Frameworks for Biomimetic Cascade Reaction

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Efficient Biocatalytic System for Biosensing by Combining Metal–Organic Framework (MOF)-Based Nanozymes and G-Quadruplex (G4)-DNAzymes

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Highly Sensitive Biosensing Applications of a Magnetically Immobilisable Covalent G-Quadruplex-Hemin DNAzyme Catalytic System

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The G4 resolvase RHAU regulates ventricular trabeculation and compaction through transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms

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The beginning and the end: flanking nucleotides induce a parallel G quadruplex topology

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Thermal and pH Stabilities of i‐DNA: Confronting in vitro Experiments with Models and In‐Cell NMR Data

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Insights into G-Quadruplex–Hemin Dynamics Using Atomistic Simulations: Implications for Reactivity and Folding

Petr Stadlbauer*, Barira Islam, Michal Otyepka, Jielin Chen, David Monchaud, Jun Zhou, Jean-Louis Mergny, and Jiří Šponer*

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A push–pull mechanism helps design highly competent G-quadruplex-DNA catalysts

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Highly active G-quadruplex/hemin DNAzyme for sensitive colorimetric determination of lead(II).

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Probing the interaction of coppercofactor and azachalcone substrate with G-quadruplex of DNA based Diels-Alderase by site-specific fluorescence quenching titration.

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Single-sided competitive axial coordination of G-quadruplex/Hemin as molecular switch for Imaging Intracellular nitric oxide.

Lei Zhang#, Jun Zhou#, Fengjiao Ma, Quanbo Wang, Hui Xu*, Huangxian Ju*, Jianping Lei*

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Enantio selective sulfoxidation reaction catalyzed by a G-quadruplex DNA metallo enzyme

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